The majority of CTARE's time is spent caring for the animals in our care, updating social media, and communicating with new and previous adopters. If you have the time, energy, and social ability to host a fundraiser for us, we would be extremely appreciative!
How do I fund raise for CTARE?

Many others have already answered this better than we can! So here are some links, to get an idea what is involved if you decide to hold a fund raiser for our rescue animals:

Don't be intimidated! You have likely already done something like this for your baseball team, child's school, or a friend in need. You can also keep it as simple as asking for donations to CTARE in lieu of birthday presents or wedding gifts! If you are interested in planning an event, please let us know, and we will also do our best to be available to attend the day of the event, potentially even bringing a well-rounded adoptable dog or two!

How else can I donate my time?

We need volunteers that can donate their time, vehicle,  and gas to transport our dogs! Most transport runs will involve picking up a dog from Vancouver Airport (YVR) and bringing them to CTARE in Chilliwack.

Unfortunately, because all our dogs are in home settings, it is very hard to co-ordinate daily visits, etc. Though we appreciate the thought, currently we do not have any "drop in" type positions available, such as dog walking. Your local SPCA, animal control, or humane society may have programs available. 

We may be able to benefit from the following services, providing everyone's schedules match up:

  • dog photographers to take creative pictures to update our adoptable listings
  • dog trainers that can help us with difficult dogs
  • dog groomers for emergency/comfort grooms, and regular maintenance
  • dog kennels and daycare's that can take dogs in for an extended time to benefit socialization

Or, click here to find out if Fostering a dog is right for you! Fostering requires a large investment of your time and energy , but is so very rewarding!