We currently have no cats or kittens available for adoption. Please check out Petfinder.com, or stop in at your local SPCA, Animal Control, or Humane Society.

Our adoption fee for a kitten is $180. We discount this further if you adopt two kittens, to $300, as it is great for them to have playmates. Adoption fees for adult cats vary.

We often get asked why our kittens are "so expensive".

Our kittens come:

  • vet checked

  • spayed or neutered, and tattooed

  • first (and sometimes second and third) vaccines up to date

  • microchipped

  • dewormed with strongid

  • parasite treated with advantage

There are many other additional costs we incur with cats and kittens:

  • flight costs (average $50) from kill shelters in BC

  • food and supplement costs

  • litter costs

  • treatment for common illnesses, such as fleas, ear mites, upper respiratory infection, and injuries

We work with amazing and compassionate vet clinics, who donates a LOT of time to the animals, and we could NOT save cats like we do without them. The average vet cost of basic care that we provide is:

Spay and tattoo: $295

Neuter and tattoo: $250

Microchip, vaccine, strongid, and advantage, with vet check up: $200

So, as you can see, by adopting a rescue cat, you are not only saving a life, but saving an incredible amount of money.

The care outline above is the MINIMAL, BASIC care that all animals deserve. IF YOU CANNOT AFFORD THIS, YOU MAY NEED TO SERIOUSLY RE-THINK GETTING AN ANIMAL. Animals cost money to keep healthy and happy, and if you take one into your life they are your responsibility - make sure you can be accountable!

Our "3 Little Kittens" litter were taken in from a rural farm area. Mom was also spayed and vetted.
Our twin boy duo, Calvin and Hobbs, were very photogenic.
And some cats like Pez are a little camera shy.