What Are Adoption Fees?

Adoption fees for young dogs (2 months - 4 years old) are up to $495.00. Adoption fees for dogs older than 4 years vary, with $495.00 being the highest, depending on vet care needed, age of dog, and so on .

This fee includes a vet check, vaccinations up to date, parasite treatment as needed (de-worming, advantage, revolution), microchip, spay or neuter, and tattoo. Please keep in mind there are many other costs associated with the animals that we need to cover, such as transport (flights or gas), food, training, and vet care (antibiotics, dental surgery, x-rays, grooming, etc.) just to name a few. Dogs from areas that have special risks (such as heart-worm, distemper, etc) are also tested before adoption. We sometimes have leashes, collars, and kennels we can lend out, but prefer you have your own.

Why Shouldn't I Just Take a Free Animal from Craigslist or my Neighbour?

There are many reasons you should acquire an animal from a reputable source when adding to your family. Uneducated and/or unethical sources may have separated babies from their mom too soon or have illnesses that went untreated. Many times a "free" animal can end up costing you more then adopting from a reputable rescue.

Additionally, when you pay money to buy animals off sites like Craigslist, Kijiji, and BuySell, you are supporting an irresponsible pet owner or backyard breeder who is profiting off the life of that animal, and indirectly contributing to the deaths of many other animals that sit in shelters waiting for a home.

Can I Adopt a Rescued Purebred Dog, or are they all "Mutts"?

There are many purebred dogs that end up in rescue. If we don't have any we can help you contact purebred rescues that might.

Do You Adopt to US Residents?

YES! Although it does require some extra time and commitment. All dog need rabies shots to enter the USA. References are required, and home-checks can take extra planning. In general, difficult dogs will NOT be adopted long distance, as we cannot offer as much support as needed.

That said, there is also an overwhelming dog over-population problem in the USA. Many dogs are often sent up to Canada to find refuge with rescues here. You can find almost any dog you are looking for closer to you, and we are more than happy to help you look! A great website for American adopters is www.petharbour.com - it is quite similar to www.petfinder.com, but seems to feature many more US shelters.

Why Haven't I Been Replied To?

We are all volunteer run, and get many emails a day. If you feel you were over-looked, please feel free to send us a quick email to "poke" us in case we have missed you or your first email went to the spam folder.