We are always on the lookout for dedicated foster homes. Foster homes need to be able to commit to a dog for a minimum of 2 weeks. Fosters need to understand that new dogs will cry for a night or two, may not like their existing animals, may pee in the house, and may dig and bark when outside. Fostering a dog is very challenging, but very rewarding. Keep in mind many dogs coming into care may be ill (runny messes, medications), need training (outside dogs need house training, neglected dogs need confidence, strays need recall), or have behavioural issues to work out (seperation anxiety, fear, reactivity, guarding, etc.). However, these dogs will also steal your heart, give you the warm fuzzies, and give as much unconditional love as you can handle.

We are located on the border of Chilliwack and Rosedale, and if you live close to us you may be an asset if you would like to take dogs for occasional outings for exercise and socialization.

Please contact us if you are as crazy as we are, and would like to have a dog love you (and possibly drive you crazy) on a part-time basis.