We are working very hard to put together several educational courses. Though these are not complete yet, we can still try our hardest to answer any questions and help you with any problems you may have.

Dog and Cat Based Classes:

Some issues we will address are: 

  • how to start breed research,
  • finding the right animal for your situation,
  • how to find your lifelong companion,
  • animal health and grooming,
  • animal care and safety,
  • animal nutrition,
  • basic obedience and tools


Animal Awareness Classes:

These classes are aimed at looking at the problems and possible solutions that face the animals we share our world with on a day to day basis. From high kill rates and euthanization in shelters, to the exploitation of endangered species, we want to help humans realize what is going on, and how we can work together to make our planet better for all species.

We strongly believe in educating the public, so that together we can make the lives better for all the species we share the world with. They deserve the best efforts everyone of us can put forth.

The world today is very complicated. In some regards we are making great progress for animal’s rights and welfare. Animals are becoming more accepted everywhere as companions, and there are many special services now catering to the needs of our lifelong friends. However, many people still consider our companions’ temporary novelties, even disposable, and these animals often find themselves in need of assistance. We are dedicated to helping animals in any way we can.

Most of the dogs in our rescue come from rural communities in Northern BC. These dogs are generally mixed breeds, and can be large or small, old or young. The quality of life for dogs in many rural communities can often suffer as a result of lack of education (less animal based groups, community support, animal welfare organizations) and lack of health care (vets are often very expensive and/or quite far from many rural communities.

Occasionally we will also help dogs with a amazing rescue partner in LA, California, or from a wonderful organization called TUAPA. We will also take in owner surrendered animals, as well as animals from other places and situations, depending on the room and funds we have available.

Most of the kittens in our rescue come from feral mothers in from our local areas, and kill shelters in Northern BC. Mothers are trapped and kept in foster care with their kittens until they are weaned. If moms are too feral and unable to adjust to life as a human companion, they are spayed and released to where they came from, or (if not appropriate) other cat-friendly outside areas. The kitten’s socialization is continued, and they are adopted out and go on to become loving feline friends.

Generally CTARE tries to base our rescue effort around cats and dogs, although there may be occasional instances when there are other animals in our care. If you are looking to adopt any other species of animal, please feel free email us and we will do our best to connect you with other rescues that can help you.