The Process of Adopting A Companion Animal with CTARE
Please read this page carefully to learn about our adoption policies and procedures.
1) Complete an
Adoption Application

Our applications are available online. They are quick and easy to fill out, while still being thorough enough to help us see if we have someone that is the perfect match for your home!

If you are interested in a specific animal with our rescue, we have a space near the end of the form for you to mention this. If you are interested in learning more about what type of companion would be best for your family, or if you have any special requirements, you can discuss that as well.

We will work with you to create a match that will work best for the rescue animal and you. We can also put your application on a waitlist if we do not have a current match.

Animals are NOT adopted out on a first come first serve basis. Our goal is as much the perfect home for the animal, as the perfect animal for your home! Please understand our rescue animals needs are first and foremost in our adoption decisions.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us, otherwise, complete your application now!

Adoption Applications MUST be completed before a Home Visit will be considered.

2) We Will Complete a
Home Visit

CTARE is a "foster home based rescue" - this means animals live with families 24/7 instead of a shelter system. This helps us to get to know the animal as best we can, so that we can place them with the most appropriate home.

Because of this system, we learn animals specific needs quite well. As an adopter, you will need to be able to meet the unique needs of each animal. Some dogs may need to go to a home with a 6 ft. fence. Some cats may need a home with no kids. Some animals need homes that can provide extra training, special food, medication, or any other special needs.

The home visit is not a test, and we are not judging you. It is meant to ensure appropriate placement, and as an educational opportunity for adopters. This time ensures that both you and CTARE are comfortable with the animal match and that it will be a  successful lifelong adoption.

If there is a specific animal you are interested in, we may bring them along at this time so you can meet each other. In some circumstances, we may leave the animal with you to start a "trial", or foster to adopt period (usually 2 weeks) that ensures compatibility.

3) Adoption Contract
and Finalization

If we are going to leave an animal in your care, we will sign an adoption contract. This is between CTARE, and you, the new adoptive home. Contracts are valid for the life of the animal(s). If you are unable to fulfill the lifelong agreement, your must notify CTARE and we will create a plan that is best for your animal.

Click here to read our
Adoption Contract

Our adoption contract is in place to ensure that all animals will be cared for and loved their entire lives.

The contract covers many important aspects. If a dog is ever neglected or abused, we have the right take him back and give him medical attention and a new home.

If a dog is lost, we are to be notified to help search to the best of our abilities.

Adopters are not allowed to sell their animal or place their animal in a shelter if they are unable to keep the animal.

Our contract also releases CTARE of any legal liabilities resulting from the care or lack of care from new owners.