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CTARE is an unincorporated not for profit, foster home based, "no kill" rescue in Chilliwack BC for abandoned, abused, and otherwise homeless animals. Help save a life - adopt or donate today!

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Dog Days of CTARE!

Hello CTARE Adopters, Supporters, and Followers!

I would like to let you all know, that I am going to really try and make an effort to keep our CTARE page updated daily. You are all so wonderful, sharing our adoptable dogs, helping us fund raise for urgent cases, and keeping us up to date with awesome stores about Carried Through Alumni! But I know, that it might sometimes feel like I “disappear” for days or weeks at a time! Even though you are all amazing and patient, I always still feel bad you don’t know “more” about what we are doing everyday!

I have tried in the past to post everyday, but sometimes in a week we will take in 3 dogs and adopt one out and care for 3 existing special needs and…. on and on and I get so overwhelmed! And then I feel so bad I DIDN’T keep up with the “daily” idea I get sad and stop it all together lol. I am a little bit of a perfectionist, and I know this can be hindering in so many ways.People have offered to post for me (and right now Erica is the only other “Admin” to occasionally post on here), but this page is very personal and important to me, and I really want to communicate with all you wonderful people from MY heart.

I have come up with a fun idea for me to create easy daily posts, and can’t wait to start it today! We are going to have designated themes for each day, and do at least one quick post along that line :) Let me introduce the days of CTARE!

Meme Monday:
Memes are all the internet rage, and with so many awesome ones out there, let’s start our week off with a laugh. For the most part, I will also try to customize memes to incorporate CTARE rescue animals!

Toonie Toss Tuesday and Fives for Furballs Friday:
Running the rescue costs a LOT of money. Many times, I am working up to 3 jobs to support the dogs, and that won’t even run me close to most peoples standards of supporting themselves (its always the dogs before me, as I’m sure a lot of you are like with your fur babies). Our costs, in vet bills alone, have averaged $1500 a month for the last 5 years. I usually ask for help with donations when we have very large vet bills pop up, but realized I don’t share a lot about bills and costs on a daily basis. So, starting now, I am hoping to share a lot more of our regular operational costs in page updates. To bring awareness to this, I am going to designate two days a week to remind people about the amazing difference even a small donation makes.
On Toonie Toss Tuesday, I ask that you put aside a Toonie in a special jar or box or plastic bag for CTARE. There are 52 Tuesdays in the next year - which means if you put aside one Toonie a week, you will have over $100 in a year to donate to the rescue dogs! When people donate their Toonie Tuesday collection to CTARE, we will post a public thank you to encourage the rest of you saving :)
On Fives for Furballs Friday, we ask you to think about if you can make an instant donation. We suggest a number with a 5 in it - $5, $15, $25, $35, $45, $50, $55…. or $500 (yes it does happen!). Donations can be made directly to our vet, sent via email money transfer, or by paypal (we will also consider other methods such as cheque etc). We prefer donations straight to our vet - when sent through paypal, we do lose a percentage of the donation. Also, if you donate to the vet via credit card, you can also earn reward points for yourself depending on your type of credit card! We also have a no fee bank account set up for the rescue with Presidents Choice Banking - some of our donators choose to set up automatic monthly donations right to this account so it becomes a habit and they don’t forget.

Wacky Wednesday:
Another fun day to get us through the middle of the week! Wacky Wednesday is a crazy day where anything goes and you never know what will be posted :)

Throwback Thursday:
Sticking with the wildly popular Throwback idea, we will be posting updates in a “where are they now” style of previous CTARE dogs. Please FB message us pictures and stories of your CTARE babies so we can share them!

Share Me Saturday:
We LOVE it when you share our adoptable dogs! Some dogs stay in our rescue almost 2 YEARS before finding a home. On Saturdays, we will post one of our dogs that could REALLY use their new home as soon as possible, and we ask that you share them far and wide!

Sunday Smiles:
A happy way to end the week, I am going to try stick with posts that are thankful and positive, happy stories about new dogs that are now safe, cute things that went on at CTARE home, and anything else I think will bring a smile to peoples faces :)

Thank you again,

Carrie and the Rescue Mutts

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I love this video! One of the most honest parts that made me love it more? The look of confusion and disapproval on the faces of people who witness what this man does!

I’ll never forget my parents reaction when they learned I had let a homeless man sleep in my car for two weeks when I was 19 years old and living alone. Or the looks I still get now when people learned I have spent $2,000 on my rabbit or $14,000 on my dog or $4,000 on a rescue dog that “doesn’t even have a home.” All the days I have spent eating a can of mushroom soup for supper because someone else had to come first that day…

But “A World Made More Beautiful” is the world I want to be a part of :)

This video is definitely worth your time!

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Our blog is announced on

Me the crew in our announcement photo!

Juno is a Samoyed/Jindo cross from Korea who spent the first year of her life in a dog meat farm - when she was rescued, she then spent the next 3 years waiting for a family in an isolation kennel! Her tail is pink because she can be a little shy, but when people stop to talk to her about her cute hair she warms right up! 

Slender white and red Ewok in the back was being fostered by us for a rescue who took him in when his original rescuers brought him from India, only to realize he was too much dog for them!

Handsome Blaize sitting in the middle is our founders dog, he is a PB dog from our excellent local breeders which support Samoyed rescue all the time!

Yappy Sasha in the middle also belongs to CTARE founder Carrie, she was a rescue from the streets of Taiwan, and totally bald when we took her in!

Beautiful Ruby the Husky was flown down from animal control in Northern BC - due to low adoption rates there she was going kennel crazy and reaching the end of her “safe” time - when she came to us, she quickly settled into a well mannered loyal friend.

Lastly, sweet black Poppy was from a rural community in northern BC and came to CTARE with her mom and litter mates. Poor Poppy suffered with mange and skin issues for many months, and got to be best friends with our vet - but she has since recovered and been adopted by a very loving home!

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